Crack•Stix® – The ONLY permanent concrete joint & crack filler.

  • Crack•Stix for Concrete
    Available in 125ft length of ½” diameter & 225ft of ¼”
  • Easy to apply, Traffic Ready in 20 minutes
    Just clean it out, pack it in….and melt it!
  • Prevent Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents
    Crack•Stix is fast, easy and economical
  • Now Available in Bulk!
    500ft Spools
  • Apply Crack•Stix 4x Faster!
    with our CSX 1000 Pro Melt Torch

Curb Stop Joint Perfection!

A & A Parking Lot Restriping - Sacramento, CA 

"Works much better than caulk"

Roadrunner Moving & Storage, Houston TX (indoor and outdoor use).

"Works great, doesn't collect dust! Ready in 20 minutes!" 

Food processing plant 

“We use it on our Dams & Structures”

US Army Corps of Engineers, Fall River KS branch.


Hot applied permanent filler offered in two sizes: ¼” and ½”… ASTM C920-11 Certified, paintable.


Product is amazing and dries so quickly!

Concrete joint application in Houston, TX

I started filling our concrete cracks on my hands and knees with a tube product and have never looked back once I saw your product and that it came in gray! I can now stand when applying and you’ve saved my back!

General Maintenance Contractor in Cleveland, OH

What a remarkable product Crack Stix is. Had used it on my asphalt driveway to fill many "nuisance" cracks. That was 3 years ago - they are still sealed. I can't say enough about your product.

Homeowner in Eagan, MN