Crack•Stix® – The ONLY permanent concrete or asphalt crack & joint filler.

  • Crack•Stix for Concrete
    Available in 125ft length of ½” diameter & 225ft of ¼”
  • Crack•Stix for Blacktop
    Available in 125ft length of ½” diameter & 250ft of ¼”
  • Easy to apply, Traffic Ready in 20 minutes
    Just clean it out, pack it in….and melt it!
  • Prevent Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents
    Crack•Stix is fast, easy and economical
  • Now Available in Bulk!
    500ft Spools
  • Apply Crack•Stix 4x Faster!
    with our CSX 1000 Pro Melt Torch

Curb Stop Joint Perfection!

A & A Parking Lot Restriping - Sacramento, CA 

"Works much better than caulk"

Roadrunner Moving & Storage, Houston TX (indoor and outdoor use).

"Works great, doesn't collect dust! Ready in 20 minutes!" 

Food processing plant 

“We use it on our Dams & Structures”

US Army Corps of Engineers, Fall River KS branch.


Look for the meltable rope...only from Dalton.

Hot applied permanent filler offered in two diameters: 1/2” and 1/4"


Product is amazing and dries so quickly!

Concrete joint application in Houston, TX

I started filling our concrete cracks on my hands and knees with a tube product and have never looked back once I saw your product and that it came in gray! I can now stand when applying and you’ve saved my back!

General Maintenance Contractor in Cleveland, OH

What a remarkable product Crack Stix is. Had used it on my asphalt driveway to fill many "nuisance" cracks. That was 3 years ago - they are still sealed. I can't say enough about your product.

Homeowner in Eagan, MN

I ordered CrackStix from your website on Monday, received it yesterday, awesome ship time. I installed about 20 feet last night. The product is excellent!!!! My patio looks terrific. Filling the joints which had old decayed material in them, with Crackstix makes it look new again. You have a first class company, producing American Made Products, and giving back to the community.

Engineer in Clifton, NJ

What I love about Crackstix is the ability to apply it right up until deep freeze / frost sets in as I can’t do that with the liquid crack fillers.

P. Dudley Property Manager, OH

I have a large parking lot that over the years has been separating. Now it has become a tripping hazard allowing high heels and such into the gaps. I have researched multiple ways online along with asking my concrete buddies for their opinions. I came to the conclusion that this product will repair what I need at a high quality and at the same time is cost effective. I looked at so many expansion joint products, but, because this is essentially an epoxy like material it will adapt to the differing gaps. I am grinding the corners off of the concrete to create a beveled effect so the material isn't shear against the concrete, this will allow it to bond better. I know it is a good product, to test it out I ordered the 1/2 pail and tried it on a ten foot section. It worked better than expected.

Commercial Property Owner Adelanto, CA