Crack•Stix® meets meets/exceeds requirements of ASTM C920-11 Standard Specifications for Elastomeric Joint Sealant.  It is paintable with latex paint, masonry waterproofing paint or 2 component high solids epoxy.  Crack•Stix® is certified as T1 Usage for pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas.

Note: For contractors using our 40lb. boxless Direct Fire Gray (Item #2082) joint sealant please note we do not recommend reheating the product more than twice, as it breakdowns after that. The gray Direct Fire will work great in an oil jacketed heater, but please make sure the unit is clean as possible prior to using as black residue will affect color of the product.

Technical Data Sheet: Gray Crack•Stix®

SDS (Safety Data Sheet): Gray Crack•Stix®

Technical Data Sheet: Black Crack•Stix®

SDS (Safety Data Sheet): Black Crack•Stix®


CrackStix Shipping Dimensions 

All pallets are 48" x 36" x 33", 60 pails per pallet

Individual pails ship in a 10" x 10" x 10" box

Medium black - 10 lbs/pail, 1 pallet = 653 lbs

Small black - 8 lbs/pail, 1 pallet = 533 lbs

Medium gray - 16 lbs/pail, 1 pallet = 1013 lbs

Small gray - 12 lbs/pail, 1 pallet = 773 lbs

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